Earn Money by Promoting 18+

The UK age verification law presents an opportunity for you to monetise your traffic.

1. Sign up as an affiliate of 18+
2. Spread the word about 18+
3. Share a percentage of 18+ revenue based on a combination of App activations and quarterly traffic to your website

How It Works

Get Paid for App Activations

You can promote 18+ App anywhere: social media, email lists, on your 18+ Age Gateway, on a third-party age verification screen, or on your website. For every user who installs the 18+ App and verifies his or he age, you receive an Affiliate Referral Credit, which increases your earnings. You share in the App's revenue for the life of the install. Your Referral Credits do not expire!

Get Paid for Your Traffic

18+ VPN uniquely pays websites for traffic. We figure that people keep their VPN subscription because of the content available through the VPN. Therefore, eligible Affiliates who prove ownership of their domain will receive Traffic Credits each month based on the time 18+ users collectively spend on their domain. Traffic Credits correspond to increased earnings.

Our Affiliate Program Preserves User Privacy Due to our strict lack of user tracking, we cannot attribute whether a user you refer to 18+ ultimately purchases any premium service within the 18+ App. Therefore, our affiliate program works a bit differently. We allocate a percentage of our Net Revenue to an Affiliate Pool. Affiliates share in that pool based on a combination of their Referral Credits and Traffic Credits.

Commission Rates

Our commission rates are top notch. Each month we allocate to the Affiliate Pool 25% of Net Revenue (after VAT and third-party processing fees) to be allocated between Referral Credits and Traffic Credits. Based on how we calculate award Referral Credits, you can receive a revenue share in perpetuity for promoting 18+ App.

Sign-Up As an Affiliate

Sign up as an affiliate today for FREE. Upon approval, we'll provide you with marketing collateral, such as banners and logos, along with your unique affiliate ID and install links. Contact us today.